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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


A few years back, my wife and I did three days of our honeymoon in Paris.  Till this day, I have mixed emotions about that, mostly because many Parisians were pretty rude to us, but I was told not to judge the French by the Parisians.  

That being said, Paris and what we saw of the French country side, coming in from Belgium, is beautiful.  The Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the artwork, the architecture, the gardens, the food and the crepes!!!  (I left out Les Miserables, even though Whisky Joe loves that damn play).  

When thinking about the most popular drink in France, 99.9% of people will say wine, champagne, maybe cognac...but when looked at per capita, France consumes a ton of Single Malt Scotch.   They are one of the top consuming Scotch whisky countries in the world.   

It is only fitting that a country that enjoys Single Malts so much, would lead to its residents to dabble in distilling it.  Which brings us to the latest from the sample vault, Brenne, a French Single Malt Whisky.

Brenne has a cool backstory, plus, I've heard Whisky Joe sing the praises of founder Allison Patel for quite some time now.
Sunset Through Brenne

I had tasted Brenne before, but it has been a while.  Joe scored a bottle a couple years ago, late 2012 I think, and shared it with us New Jersey Whiskey Society folks.  But, I didn't jot down any notes, and it pays to revisit things now and again.

A Single Malt from the Cognac region of France, finished in Cognac barrels. Cool.

So on with the review!

Color: Golden, very much like a Lager

Nose:  Raw brown sugar, sarsaparilla or candy root beer barrels notes,
fruity, sweet

Palate: Juicy fruit gum, that's it!  Plus heaps of creme brulee

Overall Grade:  Solid B.  At the end of the day, this taste is unlike any Single Malt you've had, and that is not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, it may become a post-dinner go-to.

This is quite unlike any other Single Malt I have had before.  In fact, I think the only other Cognac finished whisky I have had was Crown Royal XO.  

But this is a different animal. 

Super light and sweet, but just enough spice to cut through it.  It is very unique.

Makes me excited to think about what further cask maturation would yield...rumor has it there may be an older version released soon...I hope to get my hands on the Brenne Ten when it comes out!
Our next review will be something I picked up on a work trip...a Bourbon local to Savannah Georgia!

Talk soon,

Tuesday, March 17, 2015





Our good friends & fellow whisky bloggers Coopered Tot & Smoky Beast are hosting a tasting!

I highly encourage anyone and everyone that has an interest or passion for whisky to attend.  This one in particular will give you a Past vs. Present style with some fantastic Bourbons.

SIGN UP NOW!  (only about 10 seats remaining!)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum

So as you all know Whiskey Joe and I have been good friends for quite some time, and when we were old enough, we started hitting bars in Hoboken.  Now as we pretended to be Vince Vaughn and John Favreau (or Frank Sinatra & James Dean depending on how you look at it), we always had go to drinks, Jack and Coke, Captain and Coke, 'any Glen will do' kind of Scotch, pretty typical 21-25 year old stuff.  

Now my love of rum never got past a rum and coke or a Miami Vice and I have never thoughtfully  drank it straight!  In fact, I don't believe a rum has been reviewed on this website either...until today!!!  The Lost Spirits Distillery from beautiful Monterey California has let us sample their amazing spirit, and I'm going to give it the respect it deserves. 

Some of you may be aware of Lost Spirits Distillery, if not Joe has a has a past write up with solid links amidst his notes here.  (Lost Spirits - Bohemian Bonfire - American Single Malt)

Per their website:


So to make a long story short, these guys are taking a very scientific approach towards recreating old fashioned booze!  

Just a little info about the Navy Style Rum:
Sports & Spirits...a great combo

Beautiful 1880’s style label, adorned with cherubs and large sail boats
Comes in at a big ol 68% ABV, so needless to say this is cask strength

More From the Lost Spirits Web Site:

Fermented grade A molasses
Lab Grown bacterial “dunder”
Low rectification distillation
Sherry seasoned new American oak
Super high density of rancio (Oak derived aldehydes) and smokey (phelonic) notes created during maturation.

Lets rock and roll!!!!

In the glass – 

Look:  Deep dark amber, looks like lighter cooking molasses
Nose:  Deep woody notes,  mesquite barbeque and campfire, dark brown sugar infused cookies
Palate:  Smoked barbeque, think Texas brisket, with strong notes of mesquite.  Delicate dark brown sugar make this strong rum quite easy to drink
Finish:   Spicy, burns a bit, but to be expected at 136 proof.

With a few drops of water- 

Look:  Same
Nose:  Caramels and burnt sugar, a mild floral note and far less woody
Palate:  Very similar, Intensely smoky not in any way like a peated scotch though. The oak is much more available but still sweet and delicious like drinking a molasses cookie.
Beautiful Color on this Rum
Finish:  Spicy with a bit of burn, but again to be expected.

Guys, don’t mix this beauty with Coke or Pepsi!  This is rum is meant to warm your bones while on a ship off of Boston Harbor in the middle of January!  I am so surprised and happy with this bottle, it’s really enjoyable!!

Grade A-

Til next time,