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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Beginning

They say necessity is the mother of invention.

A number of years ago, having grown out of my beer pounding college days and recently married with a home, I was kind of in a limbo of sorts.  While things were coming together for me in other areas of my life (marriage, job, etc…) I was confused when it came to my recreational enjoyments.  I had never been much of a fan of sweet island drinks, and beer was getting old.

Then mother nature helped nudge me towards my Great Journey. 

Might as well stay in...
I was stuck in my home during a classic nasty North East snowstorm, and was left with some time to kill.  Since I couldn’t escape my home, the wife and I decided we should kick back with some drinks.  She had a decent selection of wine to pick from and I…well I…I was stuck.

I had a couple of Yuengling’s in the fridge, and I was just not feeling it.  So, I went into the little nook we have in our home where we stash the miscellaneous liquors.

Hidden amongst the typical selections (vodka, gin, random koozies and shotglasses…) were two housewarming gifts I had received, but never got to open.

A bottle of Glenlivet 15 French Oak Reserve, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black.

Little did I know that the spark of that day would lead to such a devastating brushfire through my soul!

I sampled both and while I felt the JW Black was maybe a bit more ‘accessible’ to my former self, the complexity of the Single Malt just blew me away.  I had never experienced a drink that would smell like one thing, taste like a few other things, and then after it was all done continue to change and evolve in my mouth!!  AMAZING!

The journey began, and I have never looked back. 

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