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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Intoxicology (Methodology and Disclaimer)

Ok, enough chit-chat about background information.  Let's get to some whisky!
As of this writing, I plan on presenting each tasting post with a few features.

I will likely start with the Environment.  I feel like where and when tends to play a role in the enjoyment and focus that can be put on enjoying a dram.  That being said, I will try to paint a brief picture of my surroundings during the tasting, and maybe some other tidbits about the distillery or basics about the drink.  When I say basics, I am referring to the Color and Body of the whisky.  I will go into greater detail about the Nose, Palate/Taste, and Finish, but the Color and Body will likely be tied in throughout the other phases of the review.

After the Environment, I will go into the nitty-gritty.  First, I will tackle the Nose, which is basically the aroma and bouquet of the whisky.  Next, I will actually sip it and note my thoughts on the Palate/Taste of the whisky.  Then, I will give the last phase, the Finish, a nice little write up.  That is essentially the evolution of tastes in your mouth after drinking it that linger for a variable amount of time.

Lastly, I will give an overall Conclusion & Score.  That will just have some general thoughts, and my personal notes on the whisky.  The score will be on a 0-100 scale...I tend to be a tough grader...

In general tastings of the undiluted whisky are judged, the whisky is then tasted again with a splash of spring water. No ice is introduced in my tastings.  (not that there's anything dramatically wrong with that if that is what you each their own)

One quick disclaimer is that these are just one man's opinions.  I am not a 'whisky expert'.  I am just a passionate guy that has become so overwhelmed by the joy of whisky that I chose to vent it on a blog.  The process, the history, the spirit is all so wonderful that I felt inspired.  I make no claims of content accuracy, or suitability to any particular audience. Nor am I responsible for, or in agreement with, any comments left on my site by others, or any information found on links from my site.  I will be discussing products that contain alcohol. If you’re not of legal drinking age, please don’t visit this site.

There are many other blogs, and likely many other people that are better versed to speak on certain topics, but that is part of the journey.  Perhaps years from now others may read these notes and want to start their own blog as I have been inspired by others.

These scores and notes are just a method to keep track of all of my personal whisky experiences.  Feel free to use it as a kind of baseline, but not a fact.  This is not a license to go out and take my word for it and buy things.  Everyone has different tastes, and I am sure some folks may gravitate towards other thoughts.  I tend to prefer the peaty Islay drams, while some may prefer other regions or sweeter whiskies.  That is the beauty of this journey...there really are no 'wrong' answers.

Regardless of opinion, I simply raise a glass and say cheers! (Slainte!)

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