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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Macallan 15 Fine Oak


The few times I have had this have all been at a nice local restaurant in my parent's town.  We go there occassionally, and we recently went there to celebrate nothing other than the joy of life, and to spend some time together.

Now, the only thing I can say is that the bartenders seem to be a bit inconsistant here.  I have received various pours.  I know one of the usual barmates, and he usually treats me well.  Another time, I got a newbie that went 'by the book' and literally measured out the pour she gave me.  (ugh) 

This time I was fortunate enough that I stumbled across another new person, but he was direct and down to Earth.  The Macallan 15 Fine Oak is really the only teenage option they have, and my favorite of what this place has to offer.  It had been a while, so I asked if he would give me a solid pour for a solid tip...he obliged!  Figure two fingers is nice, but this was three and a half fingers of my hand.  Please note, I have gigantic man hands.  I could palm a basketball when I was a 16.  Check out this hearty pour in a large brandy snifter:

Objects in this image are larger than they appear

Tasting Notes:

Nose:  This is a 'full' nose if that can be said.  I certainly get vanilla, and a bunch of oak.  There is some spice on the nose too, perhaps cinammon.  It is so well rounded I could sit here for a long time and just nose it.

Palate:  The show continues with a buttery honey taste, maybe toffee.  Just enough oak to let you know it is there, and a lingering sweetness...chocolate, dark chocolate.

Finish:  Spicy with some fruits.  More chocolate...smooth, sweet and long.


Again, I have to reiterate the environment theory I have...scotch tastes different in different locations.  Sure there are obvious factors, like scents from a kitchen, smoking cigars, or simply being in a peaceful locale without distraction, but for whatever reason, I love scotch in restaurants.  Not as much as on my own terms, but I do dig it in a hearty, wood filled arena.  The Macallan 15 Fine Oak takes the classic Macallan-sherry flavor and punches it up a bit with the Oak.  While I generally enjoy peaty Islay's, this drink reminded me of how much I miss a sweet sherried whisky every now and then.  I'd certainly keep a Macallan in my cabinet, and this one is high on the list.  Certainly my favorite of the 'Fine Oak' range.

Score:  86

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