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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Talisker 2012 Distiller's Edition

My buddy Pete has been enjoying a bottle of this, and was kind enough to share it at our New Jersey Whiskey Society meeting a while back!
Excited as we all were to get together and enjoy whisky in the first place, the selection of this fine dram was bonus and delight.

Those that have met me in person know that I generally rave about the way Peat interacts with Sherry Casks…long ago the Lagavulin DE 1995 taught me that.  Something magical happens there.  Although, perhaps I am a sucker…I enjoy Peated whiskies immensely, I enjoy Sherried ones as well, so how could it go wrong?
Although, there is evidence in society that proves otherwise.  I remember back in 2006 Chevy thought they had a great marketing idea.   We have loyal fans of our cars, we have some cool photos of our cars…let’s put them together online and let our customers make some ads for us!  Well, while I’m sure they got some good feedback, the ones that went viral looked like the ones pictured below on the right.

Nevertheless, this does not apply to Sherry & Peat.  They are undeniably delicious, a marriage for the ages.  A match made in heaven.  Each one reigns in the other.  The peat helps keep the sherry from making everything too sticky sweet, and the sherry helps soften the peaty power.

This fine dram is no exception…already a lover of the Talisker 10, I was interested in the effects that the Amoroso sherry casks would have…

Tasting Notes:
Appearance:  Dark and rich, pretty thick in the glass

Nose:  Classic peppery peat of Talisker, overtones of the seashore, with a pleasant sweetness trying to fight through. (a couple drops of water bring out the ocean and sherry a bit more, but is not really needed)

Palate:  The tango begins.  Briny smoke like a campfire at the shore, fruity plum-like sweetness on the back end of the spectrum, pepper and slightly creamy
Finish:  Smoke and Cherries now!  Lovely and medium-long finish.

This whisky is another piece of mounting evidence of the magical harmony of Sherry and Peat.  I could drink this all night without thinking about it.  This could be another ‘multi-season’ dram, meaning it could both quench my sweet desires in the warm summer, but still supply me with some inner heat in the frigid winter.  It is pretty hard not to enjoy this one, especially if you are already a Talisker fan.  Many members of the Society went in for seconds on this one…a testament to both its complexity, and its success! 

Score:  89

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