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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Glenlivet Alpha

Few Scotch releases have been as playful as the recent Glenlivet Alpha launch.  From the pitch black bottle to the complete absence of clues of its origin, it has been a fun ride.

That being said, they have created a tasting tour type of experience online, where you can 'challenge your senses'.

Now, when following along online via Facebook or their main site, and other videos, you can get some pretty obvious clues as to some of the key specs making this one up...but I love a good mystery.

Especially one involving Scotch!

There was an interesting little box awaiting me when I got home from work today.  I am lucky enough to have been provided a sample gift from The Glenlivet, and asked to provide an objective review.  I am truly thankful as I know this is a limited release with only 3,350 bottles created by their Master Distiller Alan Winchester.

The Alpha has been much hyped, and I've heard some online perspectives that run the let's get to it!

Tasting Notes:

Appearance:  Light Straw

Nose:  Citrus, floral...really opened up later with a few drops of water that revealed clean and crisp scents, apples and a very gentle oak in the background.

Palate:  Bursts on the tongue hitting different areas like the first few bites of Juicy Fruit gum, thick mouthfeel, apple pie crust with a tart peak, shades of bourbon

Finish:  Progressively becomes nutty, caramel and chocolate (think Rolo candy)


Based on the website it sounds (and seems) like this is a 1st-fill ex-bourbon and 2nd fill new wood.  I can see something else being at play here, not only by this video clue, but by the experience itself.  I have heard many references to Nadurra, and I think they are just.  I can truly see the family resemblance.  All in all, I have to applaud The Glenlivet.  Regardless of their ad campaign, they are putting out a solid whisky at 50% ABV.  The world needs more high ABV whiskeys!  At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding, and I enjoy Alpha.  I have heard it may retail for around $120, in which case I will likely stick with the Nadurra, but this is certainly one ride I would take again. 

Score:  88

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