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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glenfiddich Gift Pack

Every now and then one of my favorite liquor stores lands some nice sample packs for Scotch.

I found this long Glenfiddich sampler, and besides my desire to try them all side by side, I liked the whole ‘shotgun case’ appearance.

The price was fair enough, so I jumped all over it.

Already being quite familiar with the best selling and ‘most awarded’ Scotch in all the world, I figured a head to head comparison was in order.

Let's get to it!

Glenfiddich 12 Year Old (40% ABV)

Appearance:  Light Straw

Nose:  Fruits, Pears & Apples, Oak

Palate:  Malt, Oak, with definite fruitiness

Finish:  Medium finish, creamy & mellow

Score = 82, this one is a very familiar stand-by.  Very approachable and steady, but not overly complex or interesting.

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old 40% ABV

Appearance:  Golden Amber

Nose:  Complex, Vanilla, Cinnamon, a lot going on here

Palate:  Bursts in the mouth, hits all areas of the tongue, Sherry, Cinnamon, vanilla…well-rounded and fresh.

Finish:  Medium to Long, Sweet & Rich

Score = 87, the Solera Vat method really makes this one a standout & bang for the buck candidate.  With spices, honey & fruits, this dram offers a bit of everything.  I had it once at a higher ABV and it was breathtaking! (I would have scored this higher at a higher proof)

Glenfiddich 18 Year Old 40% ABV

Appearance:  Deep Bronze

Nose:  Cooked fruits (baked apples), and Oak

Palate:  Cinnamon, more juicy fruits, wood but not overpowering wood, delicate

Finish:  Smooth, Long and warm…

Score = 88, man that Oloroso wood and the classic ‘Fiddich flavor mate well.  This is a delicate and rich dram worthy of a fireplace and cigar.

12,15,18 Respectively

I have to say that I am always impressed by the Glenfiddich 15.  While overall I have the 18YR just a notch higher (just a little less intense), the 15 should hold its head high.  Depending on the size of my wallet I could easily go for either, as they are both reasonably priced as far as whiskeys in that age bracket go.  I have seen the 18 under $100 pretty consistently.  All in all, these are good and solid fruity options when that craving hits.

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