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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Canadian Whisky Twitter Tasting Primer

Sometimes I think of my whisky knowledge in terms of the show Jeopardy.

I picture the wall of categories, and start to think of my strengths and weaknesses.

“I’ll take Islay Distilleries for $1000 Alex” (feeling confident)

“I’ll take Mothballed Distilleries for $700 Alex” (feeling pretty good)

“I’ll take Bourbon Companies Supplied By LDI/MGP for $1500 Alex” (Giddy)

But then things take a turn.

In a classic condescending tone, Alex Trebek says, “For the Final Jeopardy question…the topic is…Canadian Whisky.”

For the first time in the show, beads of sweat dot my brow.  Nervousness sets in.  On the brink of panic, I lay down my buzzer, and listen to my stomach churn during the commercial break.


I am now fully armed and prepared for my fictional encounter.

For those of you that got to read my previous WhiskyFest post, you know that I had the distinct pleasure of running into the one and only Whisky Lassie Johanne McInnis.

Shortly thereafter, we had a nice chat (& some laughs) with Davin de Kergommeaux.

Johanne was kind enough to offer me an opportunity to be a part of the second Twitter Tasting featuring Davin’s book Canadian Whisky:  The Portable Expert. 

Fast forward to late November, and we are on the cusp of a very exciting whisky book review/twitter tasting!  #DavinTT2

I have an insatiable appetite for all information pertaining to whisky.  I can’t get enough.  Whether it is reading other peoples blogs, periodicals, or books, I am all in.  Being a part of this experience is a perfect marriage.

Please join myself (and some other lucky folks) in an International Twitter Tasting! Sundays in December are not just about the NFL anymore.   I am honored to join my fellow Whisky Fabric friends across the Globe from Sweden to Alberta as we go on a true whisky journey.

We will be blind tasting four Canadian Whiskies (one each Sunday), we will discuss Davin’s outstanding book, and there will even be a question based Scavenger Hunt with the winner earning a Canadian Goody Basket!

Do you want to learn more? 

Do you have a weak spot in your Whisky Jeopardy arsenal?

Join us and follow #DavinTT2 on Twitter, Sundays in December.  (more details to follow)

Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is available at many fine bookstores, or on-line at and

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