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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Davy Crockett Tennessee Whiskey & Salted Caramel Whiskey

Eastern Tennessee is home to many great things.

Two of the coolest are the Great Smoky Mountains and Davy Crockett.

In Gatlingburg, TN there is a small distillery, and they are cranking out some cool stuff.  Chuck Edwards is at the helm, and in addition to the range of Ole Smokey Moonshine products his family is creating some other whiskies worth taking a look at.

There is actually a pretty cool interview with him right here. 

It is a shame that you can only get this product in TN as of this writing, but something tells me it will be made more readily available soon.

A special thank you to the great folks in Gatlinburg that sent me a sample of both their Davy Crockett Tennessee Whiskey and Salted Caramel Whiskeys.

two guys named Davy walk into a bar...

Normally I do not review (and usually dislike) flavored whiskeys, but we will make an exception here as they have been so kind as to send some.

First thing right off the bat is how unique these labels are.  These labels are so cool.  They emulate the style of the late, lamented YeeHaw Industries, formerly of Knoxville. They were famous for their letterpress artwork. I have heard that several YeeHaw reprints are actually being sold in the gift shop section of the Barrelhouse.

Friendly recap for those that may not know is that ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ usually means that the whiskey went through a charcoal maple filtration process.  (Lincoln County Process)  This extra step is a defining thing for Tennessee Whiskeys (like Jack Daniel’s) and it claims to ‘mellow’ out the whiskey a bit.

Let’s give these a try!


Appearance:  Fairly dark amber

Nose:  Char smoke, a little maple syrup, beef jerky

Palate: more smoky beef jerky, bacon, char, nice sweet notes and spices, slight bite

Finish:  More spiciness and a smoky-sweet

Score:  86


Appearance:  Golden Amber

Nose:  Super sweet

Palate:  Sticky sweet, certainly Salted Caramel-esque

Finish:  Short to medium


The Davy Crockett Tennessee Whiskey is made from Rye, Barley and Corn.  That sugar maple really mellows it out, and it is pretty smokey good, just a bit too hot at first.  She needs to breathe a bit, or be put on ice.  I am super stunned by the incredible smoked meat kind of flavor.  I have only experienced it this strongly once before, and that was with Balcones Brimstone.  Brimstone was a different animal, but they both certainly unique and off the beaten path.

The Salted Caramel is certainly more of a liquor to me, thus I will not give it a formal score.  I know, I know, I am a bitter old traditionalist at times.  That being said, I am open minded, and if were to ever throw a whiskey over some ice cream...that Salted Caramel may be the one!  They also have a vodka, other flavored whiskeys, and more...keep up the good work guys.

That cured meat flavor was with char...give the Davy Crockett Tennessee Whiskey a chance if you can find it.


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