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Friday, September 5, 2014

Catskill Distilling Company - One & Only Buckwheat - Most Righteous Bourbon

Hey everyone, 

I'm back at it this week, taking a look at a few interesting things that have crossed my path and on to my bar cart!  
Side By Side Fun

Not so long ago, I went to a small shindig at Whisky Joe's place while his wife and daughter were out of town.
Knowing whisky would certainly be a part of the night, the emails swirled, the golf was organized and a bunch of us were set up for a good time!
Leading up to that event, I had stumbled across a bottle of something called One and Only Buckwheat.  I had heard of it, but the price was a bit steep for my liking. 
However, I when I spotted it in the 'bargain bin' section of the AMAZING store Little Brothers in New Jersey, I took the bait.  I have a taste for some oddball stuff at times and with the shindig approaching, I figured I'd pick it up.  I did a little research, and this juice is produced by the Catskill Distilling Company in Bethel, NY, they also make one of my favorite local bourbons, Most Righteous, which we'll discuss in a few.  The mashbill for The One and Only is 80% Buckwheat and 20% small grains, it comes in at 42.5% ABV and it has a very nice rich caramel almost fall leaf red hue to the eye.  On first sniff the nose has deep caramel and vanilla tones with a grainish hint behind.  I'm ready to sip this sucker!  

Tasting Notes:
Big Caramel and Vanilla come through first and foremost think like one of those kraft caramels in the clear wrapper you'd get on Halloween.  Also, like a Bernheim's it also has this grassy quality that just comes through and blends well with the overall sweetness of the whisky. Honestly I really enjoyed my first glass and it's definitely worth the 15 dollar investment so far!  Let's add a few drops of water...

A little more Caramel and Vanilla with the water both on the nose and the palate, overall, I don't think my tasting notes will change too much

So a little surprise on a Wednesday night, Solid B+.  I'll definitely enjoy this bottle!

Part 2 of our Catskill Distilling Company tour is Most Righteous Bourbon!  

I've had this on my bar cart since March, and I'm a fan.  No big story here, found it at Bottle King one night in Glen Ridge, NJ it was on sale for $20 and I said why not!  

The color is a deep reddish amber, a tad darker than the Buckwheat.
The nose is inundated with fruits, dried apple covered in caramel 
The palate is syrupy sweet, deep molasses and vanilla with a finish reminiscent of dark chocolate followed by rye spice.

I added a few drops of water and the 70% corn comes out a bit deeper on the nose, some cinnamon appears as well, but I still get a big fall juicy apply hint.

The palate tastes a bit like corn pops cereal to me, all in all the big molasses and vanilla notes pull through again.  I'm giving this one a nice solid B+ almost an A- 

So that was my tour of the Catskills for the evening!  Very enjoyable with out all the wilderness!

Have a great one!


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