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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bully Boy

A little insight into my life, I’m a Yankees fan, I grew up on Don Mattingly and got to spend a good part of my teens at the old Yankees stadium with my buddy Pete.  So when Derek Jeter announced his retirement last year, I was not going to miss his last game.  That being said, I took quick trip up to Boston to catch Derek Jeter's final game.  The game was on Sunday and my cousin and I went up Saturday night. 
After we got to Boston we went to the north end to grab a pizza from Regina Pizza.  Regina Pizza is a chain of pizzerias in Boston, but the original is in the north end of Boston.  It's tiny and always has a huge line, so my cousin and I took a quick walk to find a liquor store so we could have a drink while we waited on line.  We walked around the corner to the Wild Duck and I stumbled upon a local distillery's whiskey called Bully Boy.  The bottle was reasonably priced, so I grabbed it, and a few beers for the pizza line.

Here's the description from the Bully Boy site:
Bully Boy’s aged whiskey uses corn, rye, and malted barley as its primary ingredients, and is aged in new American Oak. The corn makes for subtle sweetness, and the high rye content creates a dry spiciness; the flavors are further refined through the barrel-aging process, which imparts both a prominent caramel note and a nutty finish. An excellent sipping whiskey. As with all our spirits, our whiskey is made in small, numbered batches, so you know you are getting a truly unique spirit.

I waited until I got back to Jersey to try it and here's the review.

Appearance:  Amber -1

Nose neat:  Alcohol vapors, vanilla, hints of black plum

Taste neat:  Light and thin in the mouth, vanilla and corn syrup, hint of Coca-Cola, light spicy rye finish.

Nose with an ice ball:  Saltiness, vanilla, and sugary sweet candy like rock candies or Smarties.

Taste with ice:  Salty, thin vanilla wafers, malted milk balls

Overall:  C+
It's a good whiskey, may be best used in mixed drinks or neat.  Be careful with the water, it really wasn't anywhere near as good with the ice.