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Just a quick note about scoring here.

I taste all whiskeys neat first.  Then, with a tiny bit of water.

By and large I purchase everything I sample, however there are times that I am fortunate enough to receive samples from distilleries.  When that occurs it will be noted in the review.  Samples are not a promise of a review (or a good review), but will greatly increase your chances of getting it reviewed here at this humble blog since I can only afford so much whisky!

While I use the often loathed exact number style of rating (0-100) the way I break it down below is a lot like letter grades.  It just helps me keep some order in my notes.

0-70   Pretty terrible, not likely reviewed
71-75 Not horrible, could likely be used in a cocktail of some sort
76-80 Enjoyed it, but wasn't blown away
80-84 Solid drink, but not memorable
85-89 Now we are cooking, impressive, will have these anytime
90-93 Super Top Shelf, outstanding and recommended
94-97 A lock down legendary favorite
98+    Holy Grail

The key point is that when I grade a Scotch, that is a 'Scotch Grade'.

When I grade a Bourbon, that is a 'Bourbon Grade'.

Simply meaning that a Bourbon rated at an 88 is not necessarily better than a Scotch rated at an 87...I have them separate in my mind.  Hopefully that clarifies things a little bit.

They are two different animals if you will...beautiful, wonderful animals.

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